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Introducing EnergyCore™ the Most Energy-Efficient Window Ever.

Replacing inefficient windows in our homes in the Fort Worth – Dallas metro has become the norm vs. the exception.

The advancement in technology and the improvements in production have brought the cost of replacement windows down while continuing to improve the energy efficiency.

Thirty years ago, replacement windows in Texas were still being made with aluminum frames which have become a thing of the past due to cost and lack of efficiency of the aluminum.

With modern formulation of the vinyl frame, we now have variety of designs and colors to chose from. 


The AirCell™ frame window was created using a patent-pending fusioninsulated process. This unique manufacturing process, fully insulates the frame and adds structural integrity to the window.

Compared to other foam-filling processes that can leave voids, the fusion-insulated process eliminates all voids that can lead to energy loss.

In fact, compared to all other frame types, EnergyCore with AirCell is stronger and delivers superior energy performance.

In comparisons, EnergyCore reduces energy loss (blocks thermal conductivity) six times better than fiberglass, four times better than vinyl and three times better than wood.

Originally vinyl windows only came in white and almond colors unless they were painted. There have been a lot of challenges with trying to get traditional painting methods to bond with the vinyl.

Technology today allows for the vinyl used to make the frames to be extruded with colors bonded to the vinyl to provide superior durability. 

Color choices today range from white, almond, clay, adobe, black with white interior, bronze with white interior and bronze with adobe interior.

To help make the right replacement window choice for your home call WindoWorks Plus for a free in-home consultation. Let our 30 years of experience help make your home more beautiful an energy efficient.


Standard Window Color Options

2-Tone Color Options

Black vinyl frame window colors
bronze external white interior frame window colors
Bronze vinyl frame window colors

If you are looking to purchase or replace windows, you have color options.

The exterior colors include white, almond, adobe architectural exterior Bronze and exterior Black. (EneryCore). Exterior Bronze is only available with a choice of white or adobe for the interior colors. Exterior Black is only available with white interior.

Two tone grid color options are available in bronze exterior and white or adobe interior and black with white interior.

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